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Apr 10, 2012

TLT Tilting Hotel by BIG

All images courtesy of BIG architects

Copenhagen based practice BIG architects designed a high-rises that will reshape the city of Guiyang in China. Among several other international architects, BIG will help redefine Guiyang’s Huaxi district, the city’s educational and cultural center. By proposing a generic hotel slab on one of Huaxi’s mountain slopes, architects envisioned a new and unique landmark, attracting visitors to an area already known for its touristic appeal.

Jan 7, 2012

Seongbuk Gate Hills by Joel Sanders Architect and Haeahn Architecture

All images courtesy of @ ChaiSoo Ok

This project is located in the exclusive district of Seongbuk-dong, a neighborhood where precious traditional architecture and natural landscape is preserved and celebrated.
Presented with the challenge of a steeply sloping site, this enclave of 12 private houses is designed so that every residence possesses ample private outdoor space and unobstructed views of the landscape. From the scale of the site plan to the design of the individual units,the project weaves together building and landscape, natural and synthetic materials, and indoor and outdoorspaces. Each residence is 3,000 sf with a garage/entertainment level and two living levels.

Dalian Museum by 10 Design

All images courtesy of 10 Design

Hong Kong and Shanghai-based international firm 10 design has proposed the 'Dalian Museum', for urban planning topics positioned within the heart of the government district in Dalian, China. The building's external appearance responds to the established sculptures and parks scattered throughout the city, becoming a focal element in itself. The form opens towards an adjacent park to the west, visually incorporating the current urban planning elements and green spaces of the encompassing context into the museum.

Oct 30, 2011

Metro-Station Entrances for Donostialdea by Snøhetta

All images courtesy of Snøhetta Studio

Chosen as the winning proposal among seven other competition finalists, the 'Vamos' project is a design for Donostialdea metro-station entrances. It is promoted by the Basque Government and is currently in the drafting stage of the construction process. The aim of the competition was to deliver a design that will attract the attention of users of the future suburban transit system and help those residing in the areas it serves to easily identify it. The selected design is intended to become a “new icon” of the city.

NYC Tech Campus by SOM Architects

All Images courtesy of SOM
Cornell University’s proposed New York City Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island plans to become a sustainable landmark. Oriented by the sun, the 10-acre campus encompasses the largest solar array in New York City, four acres of geothermal wells, and 500,000 square-feet of open green space dedicated to the public. If built today, the campus’s 150,000 square-foot main academic building would be the largest net-zero energy building in the eastern United States.

Brussels Airport Connector by UNStudio

All images courtesy of UNStudio
Seeking to unite functions of the three existing buildings of Brussels Airport, architects at UNStudio introduced an elongated fibrous structure. The insertion establishes its own identity while serving as a connection between contrasting entities of the terminal and Pier A. It is a fully integrated commercial zone which facilitates various operational processes, retail functions, etc. Once past the screening area, the passengers are introduced to a duty-free shopping area and led towards a double height central plaza with cafes. The elevated Cockpit occupies the highest area of the Connector, offering best views of the plaza below as well as the planes, landing and taking off.

Oct 29, 2011

Ring Installation by Arnaud Lapierre + AUDI

All images copyright of Arnaud Lapierre
French designer Arnaud Lapierre has created 'Ring', a series of mirrored cubes placed in a circular pattern in collaboration with AUDI. The vast amount of reflections and angles warps the perspective of the surrounding area. The optical effect creates a surreal environment in which both the structures and people are distorted and recreated, fracturing the usual relationship that individuals have with the piazza as well as themselves. Overall, the installation measured 5500 x 4000 mm (216 x 157 inches).    
The 'Ring' installation was on show at place Vendôme, Paris, at the 2011 Foire Internationale D'art Contemporain (FIAC).

Transitlager by BIG

All images courtesy of BIG
Copenhagen based practice BIG architects have created 'Transitlager', the winning competition proposal to renovate and extend a warehouse in the industrial district of Basel, Switzerland. Dating from the 1960s, the 18,000 square meter concrete structure will receive an additional 7,000 square meters for residences and arts-related spaces to transform the upcoming Dreispitz neighborhood into a bustling arts district. Visually separated into two stacked volumes, the combination will become a hybrid of mixed-use program, rearranging the distribution within the existing floors to merge activity from the art, commerce, work and living spaces.

Roca London Gallery by Zaha Hadid Architects

All images courtesy of Zaha Hadid Architects
London based firm Zaha Hadid Architects recently has completed 'Roca London Gallery' for the high end global bathroom brand, Roca. Comprised of gallery spaces, lounge areas, a bar and meeting rooms, the 1100 meter square location will serve to host a variety of activities such as exhibitions, presentations, seminars and debates. To make the space versatile to all the functions and events, audiovisual, sound and light equipment are incorporated into the surfaces.
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